****Outdated****Burn Ban Lifted for Holmes County March 10, 2022

******Effective Thursday, March 10, 2022 – the Order Prohibiting Outdoor Burning as been lifted.**********

Order Prohibiting Outdoor Burning

WHEREAS, the Holmes County Board of County Commissioners does hereby find that circumstances present within Holmes County to create a public safety hazard that would be exacerbated by outdoor burning;

NOW, THEREFORE, it is ORDERED that outdoor burning is prohibited in all of Holmes County as follows:

  • Actions prohibited:
    1. A person violates this order if he/ she burns any combustible material in an outdoor
    2. A person violates this order if he/ she engages in any outdoor activity which could allow flames or sparks that could result in a fire.
  • Enforcement:
    1. Upon notification of suspected outdoor burning, Holmes County Volunteer Fire Department shall respond to the scene and  take immediate measures to contain and/ or extinguish the fire.
    2. As soon as possible, Holmes County Sheriff’s Department shall respond to the scene to investigate the nature of the fire. The officer on scene will request immediate compliance with this
  • This order does not apply to the following outdoor burning activities:
    1. Firefighter
    2. Burn operations approved by the Florida Forest

All outdoor burning of yard trash, household paper products, bonfires, campfires, warming fires, outdoor fire places, chimeneas, and cooking fires within said Jurisdictions is prohibited unless: 1) authorized by the  Florida Forest Service; or 2) for the cooking of food exclusively within a contained gas or charcoal grill.

The setting of fires to any grass, brush or forest covered land, unless authorized by the Florida Forest Service, shall constitute a violation of the law.

Be it also ORDERED that the purpose of this order is the mitigation of the public safety hazard posed by wildfires during the current dry weather conditions by curtailing the practice of outdoor burning.

This order shall expire when conditions are again deemed safe, upon such date as determined by the Holmes County Board of County Commissioners in conjunction with the Holmes County Volunteer Fire Department.

ORDERED THIS 7th DAY OF March 2022